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Eddy Current Separator

Eddy Current Separator
  • Eddy Current Separator
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Product Details:

CapacityLess than or Equal to 4 m3/h
Diameter of the Separator Roller320 mm
Speed of the Separation Roller50-2800 r/min
Drum Speed60-150 r/min
Separator Roller Power4 kW
Belt Speed Power1.1 kW
Weight1200 kg

Available Model:
ModelCapacityDiameter of theSpeed of theDrumDriving PowerWeigh
(m³/h)separator rollerseparation rollerspeed(kw)(kg)

Eddy current separator is an effective method for non-ferrous metal recovery. It has a good separation effect and strong adaptability, reliable mechanical structure, structure, light weight, strong repulsive force (adjustable), high separation efficiency, and the advantages of large quantity, can make the separated some non-ferrous metals from electronic waste, in the electronic waste recycling production line is mainly used for sorting out from the mixed materials of copper and aluminum and other non-ferrous metal and can also be used in the field of environmental protection, especially in the regeneration of non-ferrous metals industry application.


  • It is mainly used for household waste, industrial waste, industrial waste slag, electronic appliances waste, glass broken materials, boiler ashes, scrap car slice, such as copper, aluminum, tin, lead, stainless steel and other kinds of weak magnetic conductor materials, non-magnetic conductor materials, non-ferrous metals and other materials in the industry of non-ferrous metals processing.

Other Details:
  • Separate the non-ferrous metals from smash material
  • Separate aluminum and copper from aluminum bronze casting sand and smelting ash
  • Remove aluminum cap from a glass bottle
  • Separate aluminum and copper from lump material
  • Separate the non-ferrous metals from incineration of printing plate
  • Separate aluminum cans from the city rubbish
  • Separate aluminum wire and aluminum alloy
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Electrostatic Separator

Electrostatic Separator
  • Electrostatic Separator
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Product Details:

Capacity0.4-1.75 t/h
Number of the Drum2 pcs
Dimension2540x1246x3320 mm
Motor1.1+0.75 kW
Weight2500 kg
Size of the Drum320x1500 mm
Drum Speed0-400 r/min
Diameter of ElectrodeThickness 0.1 7 mm pcs
Diameter of Bias Electrode45 mm
Working Voltage0-60 kv
Ore Size0.04-1 mm

Available Model:
Number of the drum (pc)2
Specification of the drum mm120*1500
Drum speed r/min0-500
Diameter of electrode mm0.2-0.3
Diameter of bias electrode mm40
Working voltage kv0-22
Ore size mm0-3
Capacity t/h0.5-3
Dimension mm2090*1020*3100
Motor kw1.1
Weight kg2000

Raw materials are fed evenly to the rotating drum connected to the earth ground. The raw materials then pass the electrostatic corona electrode to electric field to be charged. After electro charged, loose their charge based on their conductivity. Good conductive material separate from the drum quickly, while poor conductive materials remain attached to the drum’s surface until rubber scrapers peel it off. Multiple stacks of separators will increase the effectiveness.

Electrostatic separation utilizes the differences in conductibility of the various feed components. The feed material, which has been pretreated or conditioned with surface-activating reagents, is placed in an electrical field which, depending upon the type of construction of the separator, has various effects on the mineral grains:

  • In a roller separator, the material is fed onto a roller electrode and directed past a counter-electrode. The non-conductive material is not charged by the counter electrode, but rather only polarised, creating weak adhesive forces which draw this material to the roller electrode. Conducting material transmits its charge to the roller electrode, then becomes recharged and is repelled by the roller electrode and drawn to the counterelectrode. Separating blades divide the sorted material into a conducting and a non-conducting product (see figure on opposite page).
  • In a plate separator, the feed must be triboelectrically charged prior to separation. These electrostatically charged particles fall through the gap of a capacitor field between two electrode plates and are differentially deflected by the electric field, depending on the particle material.
  • In a high-tension separator, the feed is charged by a corona electrode. Through the rotation of the roller out of the sphere of influence of the corona discharge, the moving conductor material immediately loses its charge; due to the centrifugal force of the roller and the gravitation, these particles are propelled away from the roller, while the nonconductors continue to adhere to the roller and fall off later.

Areas of Application:
  • For the separation of heavy-mineral pre-concentrates, for example zircon, monacite, rutile, columbite, tontalite, scheelite, cassiterite, etc.
  • For the separation of quartz from hematite concentrates, gold pre-concentrates.– sorting of phosphate raw materials
  • Production of pre-concentrates during winning of diamonds
  • Processing of potassium salts, for example with sylvanite, carnellite, kieserite, etc.
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Gravity Jigging Separator

Gravity Jigging Separator
  • Gravity Jigging Separator
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Product Details:

Hutch Area4.86 m2
Diaphragm Stroke12-30 mm
Frequency of Stroke50-125 r/min
Make Up Water PressureMore than or Equal to 0.05 MPa
Feeding SizeLess than 10 mm
Amount of Make Up Water3-6 m3/t
Capacity12-25 t/h
Power7.5 kW
Hutch ShapeTrapezoid

Available Model:

ModelHutchDiaphragmFeeding SizeAmount of make-up water (m3/t)Make-up water pressureCapacityPowerShapeArea (m2)Stroke (mm)Frequency of Stroke(r/min)(mm)(Mpa)(t/h)(kw)KJS0.57-1Trapezoid0.578.5-12 10-17 12-2180-1802-Jan≥0.051.5-31.5KJS1-1Trapezoid1.043-Feb2.5-52.2KJS2-2Rectangle2.284-Feb10-May3KJS3-1Trapezoid330-Dec50-1256-Mar7.5-155.5KJS4-2Rectangle425-578-Apr20-Aug7.5KJS4-2SRectangle425-578-Apr20-Aug4×2

Gravity Jigging Separator machine belongs to gravity-based equipments, which can separate mineral based on differing of specific gravity. jig is mainly consist of three parts: main frame, driving set and jigging chamber.It widely used in gravity concentration of tin, tungsten, placer gold, hematite ore, manganese, titanium, antimony, lead,tantalum, niobium and other minerals.


High concentration ratio and high recoveryFabricated with highest quality materialEasy to install, operate and maintainThe pulsation curve is saw-tooth wave shape facilitate heavy mineral to settlingSaving water 30-40% than ordinary jigThe pulsation speed very easy adjusted by regulatorSuitable for roughing and desliming

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Mineral Jig Separator

Mineral Jig Separator
  • Mineral Jig Separator
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Size4 X 6 Inch
Machine TypeSimplex

Available Model:

8” x 12”-0 - 18 mm3500.5 – 1.0
12” x 18”-0 – 18 mm3501.5 – 2.0
18”x 24”-0 – 18 mm3502.0 – 5.0


This is a very simple machine works on the principle of hindered settling. This is particularly used to remove light material from the heavy one.


  • The Mineral Jig has a single Hutch compartment and a reversible screen compartment.
  • The rotating water valve is timed to admit water only on the plunger upstroke.
  • An adjustable eccentric mechanism is used for varying the stroke of rubber diaphragm.
  • The upper trash screen consists of a four mesh woven wire cloth. Two lower wedge bar screens are also furnished.
  • The Jig is mounted on a steel stand which is sufficiently at higher level to collect hutch product.

Additional Information:

  • Delivery Time: 2 DAYS
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